Founding partner of BOTH, a design collaborative
where he is partnered by graphic designers Teemu
Ollikainen, Timo Tervoja and Saku Heinänen.
His work includes stamps, posters, corporate
identities, information graphics, illustrations,
magazines, exhibition, digital design.
He has taught and lectured at several institutions,
including the University of Art and Design
in Helsinki. In addition to graphic design,
he has worked on environmental art/design.

Mr. Berry has been featured in national
and international exhibitions including
the Best of the Year and Best Poster of the Year
national competitions and the Helsinki, Brno,
Lahti, Hangzhou, Chamonix, Warsaw
and Mexico international poster biennials
and The Graphic Imperative: International
Posters of Peace, Social Justice
and the Environment 1965–2005 exhibition.

Mr. Berry has won national prizes in newspaper
and poster design; the 2007 Mons International
Political Poster Triennial First Prize, Belgium;
the 2002 Lahti International Poster Biennial
Grand Prix, Finland; and the 2004 Mexico
International Poster Biennial Gold Medal.
He has also been published in the Heibonsha
Dictionary of Today’s Design, Japan.

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