Poster, tshirt and donation all in one special tube.

This year we’re doing our catalogue slightly differently with a special edition that will directly help some of our endorsing charities. And us. For once, everyone wins. When you buy you the catalogue (more about that later) you can choose to either receive a tshirt (proceeds go to Good 50×70) or make a donation directly to one of charities (you choose which one). Both ‘versions’ of the catalogue cost the same, though you won’t get a tshirt if you choose to donate to our charities, just a healthy dose of moral satisfaction.

This special edition of the catalogue is a ‘memento’ of the exhibition rather the book we’ve had in previous years. That’s because, for the first time, Bis Publisher will be publishing and distributing our catalogue worldwide later this year, which we’re very excited about.

You can buy the catalogue here now.