A Call for Freedom of Expression

Today we launch our new initiative, Poster4Tomorrow. It’s an open competition inviting the global creative community to create posters to draw attention to, and take action against, the repression of freedom
of expression. It’s organized by us (Associazione Culturale GoodDesign) together with HM Studio and 4tomorrow.

Freedom of creative expression is something that we feel very strongly about, and we think it’s worth everyone’s time to ponder how different the world would be if we couldn’t communicate freely through design, or any other media.

So when we were approached by HervĂ© Matine, an Iranian designer, about a possible collaboration, we had no hesitation in agreeing. We see Poster4Tomorrow as a natural development from Good50x70 and it’s something that we’re very proud to be involved with.

Poster4Tomorrow is now open for entries until November the 15th. You can find out more about the project and download the brief at http://www.poster4tomorrow.org/.