Good50x70 in the Promised Land

Good 50×70′s exhibition is now on display in Holon, Israel.

Holon is an up and coming city next to Tel Aviv, currently busy making design part of its offering. To this purpose they asked Ron Arad to build them a wonderful Design Museum that will be ready in January, but more importantly they decided to host Good50x70′s posters in the city.
Nice move!

For this event, the Design Museum not beig ready yet, we had to settle with Beit Meirov gallery – just kidding, we were really happy of the set up and the location. We had a great opening there, hosted by our friend Yossi Lemel.

If you’re from Tel Aviv please don’t be lazy and make the effort and go and see the posters, they’re going to stay there until the 16th of January.
For all the others, you can check some pictures on our Flickr gallery.