2009 Catalogue

A catalogue that’s a poster, tshirt and donation all in one special tube.

The 2009 catalogue comes in a special edition that will directly help some of our endorsing charities. And us. For once, everyone wins. When you buy you the catalogue (more about that later) you can choose to receive the catalogue only, to receive the catalogue with a tshirt (proceeds go to Good 50×70) or to make a donation directly to one of our charities (you choose which one). The catalogue costs 14 euros. For 19 euros you can get a catalogue and a tshirt or, if you choose to donate to our charities, a catalogue and a healthy dose of moral satisfaction.

Technically, it’s 3 70x100cm 150g sheets of paper, folded like a tabloid newspaper that comes in a 70cm long black poster tube. It’s got comments from the jurors, and contains all the 210 posters they selected. Practically, it looks amazing and would grace any wall, home, street, gallery, museum, toilet. What you do with the tshirt, we’ll leave to your imagination.

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue


Good50x70 Catalogue + S-size T-Shirt

Good50x70 Catalogue + M-size T-Shirt

Good50x70 Catalogue + L-size T-Shirt

Good50x70 Catalogue + XL-size T-Shirt


Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for Amnesty International

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for Amref

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for Emergency

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for Greenpeace

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for LILA

Good50x70 2009 Catalogue + Donation for WWF


To help you with the decision on which charity to donate to, and find out exactly where you money you will find a short reminder of who they are and what they do.

Charity projects:

Donate to “Children in Need”, AMREF’s program that since 1999 has helped to take the kids of Nairobi’s Dagoretti suburb out of the streets – a vast area in the southern outskirts of the city consisting of several slums.

Donate to LILA’s effort to make the female condom Femidom known to Italian women and institutions.
LILA has already distributed around 1500 free female condoms, but now needs more funds to buy more condoms and produce their packaging.

Donate to Amnesty International’s “Counter terror with justice” campaign and sustain the organization’s efforts in defense of human rights.

Donate to the “Nuclear, not an answer” campaign against the marketing of nuclear power as a way to reduce CO2 emissions.

Donate to WWF Italy’s campaign to unite citizens, companies and institutions against climate change: http://generazioneclima.wwf.it/

* All the donations will be to the benefit of the Italian chapters of the international organizations collaborating with us.

The payments will be handled through PayPal.

Please note:
Before buying, make sure
that you know which option
is the right one for you.

Parcel costs will vary depending
on where you are living, so please check our PDF to determine which
is your zone.

If postage zone and destination don't match, the order will not be shipped.


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