We often mention the numbers of Good50x70 to give an idea of the scale of the project. Counting posters is definitely a good way to measure how popular we are, but the most eloquent reality is that we are here, again, for a 2010 edition. We all are growing with the project and we want to share this experience with participants, media and, of course, with the charities.

Asking the communication community to support social issues was our challenge and we can now acknowledge we got really close to it. The project is definitely one of the most important social oriented activities nowadays: graphic design is giving its contribution to the NGOs, our partners and to the charities in general. The good message is the real winner of all the editions equally with the charities and with creativity.

In the past three years Good50x70 gave everyone proof that it was not only a competition. We worked together closely with schools and institutions. Many participants became part of our network, hosting an exhibition or a workshop, always doing their best. It is a fact that we can’t really call you supporters; you are much more to us, something we are inspired by. This way, we feel we can give even more strength to the causes we are confronted with.

We give lectures on social communication, offer workshops where we help students design posters and set up exhibitions of everything they produce. We also work with school kids as they own the purest, most inspiring creativity and ‘good sense’; we believe that, to start a real change, it is essential to engage and involve the next generation of creative talent.

Though you will be asked to design a social poster on a social brief for a nongovernmental organization only a few times in your career, it is nonetheless true that, year after year, charities are in dire need of raising public awareness on their daily activity.

In building up Good50x70, we realized we were following multiple intentions; first of all we wanted to create a database of free communication tools open to any charity; we also achieved our wish to involve the creative community around social topics and, last but not least, we managed to share this messages across the world.

A good idea can be expressed in many ways and through different means. We chose the poster because it is a good test for good ideas and the best way to deliver a message to the public. It was a daring step but, fortunately, we can say we were right and this year we’re launching Good50x70 once again: new briefs, new posters for a bigger database and a more effective communication.

2010 will see the project taking more confident strides therefore we will extend the range of side activities. Social matters can’t be solved from one day to the next but we definitely did our best to keep the attention high on the issues addressed by our charities and which concern us all.



How it works:

An annual contest, confronting seven of the critical issues affecting today’s world.

Seven charities each provide a brief on a global issue. Anyone who wishes can enter one or more posters on any topic that inspires them. The best 30 responses to each brief – as selected by our jury – are collected in a catalogue and exhibited around the world. All the posters entered are supplied to the charities for them to use as potential communication tools through our free database. There is no ‘winner’, unless you count the charities and their message.

In our first edition we received over 1600 entries, the second 2700 the third 4210 entries from 163 countries around the world.

To enter the contest as easy as possible from all over the world, we host the competition completely on our website. All you have to do to participate is to upload your poster following the instructions on the “SUBMIT POSTER” page. That’s it.





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